On our online store you may find toner cartridges, printer and copier supplies and spare parts. To facilitate your search, we provide an advanced search engine on our homepage. The advanced search engine has the title "Select" and is located on the left column of your screen, on our homepage. The filters provided by the search engine will lead you straight to your specific choice.

Alternatively, you may search for products by category through the "Products" option at the top of your screen. We've divided our products into main categories that appear on the left column of your screen by clicking the "Products" option. Each category may also include a subcategory tree. Our goal is to get to the final product with just a few clicks.

To order through our online store:

The usual way of ordering is through our online store. Find the products you are interested in through search engines. Click the "Add to cart" button next to or below the product you are interested in and this will be added into your "shopping cart". When you finish adding products to your cart, click on the "Submit order" button below the list of products in your cart and you will be directed to pages where you will be asked to specify a payment and a shipping method.

To order via e-mail:

Find the products you are interested in through the search engines and send us your order request via e-mail using our contact form.

To order by phone:

You can place your order by phone by calling any of the phone numbers listed on our contact form. We answer on phone during working days from 9:00 to 18:00 local time (Greece).

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