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Hello Dear,
we need
A0  SCANNERs....
please send us your offer! ?   .................AND...........

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2017-02-11   hot list supplies, urgent 2017

2017-01-23    we need Used COPIERS PRINTERS FOR CRETE

HOT list supplies WE NEED, Urgent, 2017, CASH n CARRY 

please check this list and send us your offer as soon as posible...

we need these SUPPLIEs + TONERS, CASH n CARRY 2017-10-10

 all items must be NEW +ORIGINAL OEM Products, as A B C D U condition


we need  SUPPLIEs + TONERS   2017

 all items must be NEW +ORIGINAL OEM Products, as A B C D U condition

     we need
        also we need MACHINEs      
 brand  model  code Oem P/n Περιγραφή Είδους - Item  qty price ord
 konica c252        TN210K
 8938-509  K TONER Black (210K)      
 Konica    IU-210K          
   C250  IU-210M          
 KONICA    IU-210Y          
   C352  IU-311K    K imaging UNIT      
 KONICA  c352  TN312K  8938-705 K toner  312k      
   c352  TN312Y          
 KONICA  C652      TONERS      
   C6500  TN-612          
   C5500  TN612    TONERS      
 KONICA 7165  601K  01ZK  TONERS      
KONICA  bzh 750  701K  0ZX  toner 750      
   mpc3300  841126 27    toner M=26  C=27      
 RICOH  Gx7000  405536, 547  GC21KH   INK GEL GC21KH.. +C=  M=    Y=547      
   FS2000  TK310   TK 310      
   FS3900  TK340    FS2020D      
   fs2020D  TK320          
 Kyocera 400ci
 TK855  / 865    toners 400ci  300ci=865      
 RICOH 2075  TYPE 24  B064-9640  DEVELOPER      
 Ricoh  2400W  TYPE 30W    Developer      
 Ricoh  1085  TYPE 21    Developer 1.200gr      
 Ricoh  780W  TYPE 820    Developer bag 1kgr      
 Ricoh  780w  Type 810    TONER 810      
 OCE 7055  B1    toner      
 Oce  9400  D4  2500  developer      
   TDS400  D5  2500  developer      
   9400  B4    toner 9400      
 Oce  tds400  B5  25001843  toner tds400      
 Kyocera  Xi8020  Utax c-026    toner kit      
   km2120 tk410    toner /TK420      
 Kyocera  6230  37026000    toner      
   8030  TK655     toner ok      
 Kyocera  km3035 A  370AB000001  type (A) toner 1900gr      *

 also we need these toners for my customer.... > here




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